Why Choose Premier Rollout Awnings?

No other Awning Manufacturer or Dealer has Premier’s HEAVY Rain & Wind System! A must for our South Florida weather conditions. Premier awnings remain open and in use in winds 25mph to 45mph and in heavy rains! The Premier awning safely closes with gusts automatically using our Premier Smart Wind Sensor! Most competitors’ models only get 50-days use per year with a low 10mph to 15mph use and gusts of only 20-25mph maximum.

Count on Premier’s Super Arm Pressure via our torque angled cable and spring-tension & aluminum alloy low-flex tube frames for the finest quality. These are the same as used in jets, landing gears, and space shuttle rockets, which can easily be stronger than steel tubes. They do not lose strength by corroding like the steel used by some of our competitors, especially near wetlands, lakes, rivers, oceans, and Florida’s high humidity.

We purchase direct and are Certified Somfy Motor and smart controls Experts. Our motors offer a 5 year warranty and are all installed by certified technicians.


Awning Frames

EXCLUSIVE, EXTRA LONG EXTRUSIONS (FRAMES) are manufactured by Premier Rollout Awnings of Palm Beach. We are the ONLY AWNING COMPANY in the world to Manufacture, Assemble and Install Retractable Awnings in thirty foot (30’) widths All In One Piece. Most all others manufactures make their extrusions (frames) only twenty-one feet (21’) and ship larger awnings to their dealers in pieces to be riveted together. They are in NO WAY as Strong and as Durable as what Premier delivers to you.


Below - Example of rusted awning frame from a competitor.

Example of competitor's rusted awning frame.

Competitor's rusted awning arms

Awning frame Construction That Makes A Difference

Premier’s super arm pressure via our torque angled cable and spring tension & aluminum alloy low flex tube frames is the same type used in jets, landing gears, and space shuttle rockets. These can easily be stronger than any steel tubes, and do not lose strength by corroding like steel, especially in extreme high humid climates like Florida.


Below - Example of cast components on competitors’ awnings.

Palm Beach competitor awning

Stuart Florida awning from competitor

Stuart Florida example of poor made awning

Competitor awning Fort Lauderdale

Fort Lauderdale awning frame

Awning from competitor in Fort Lauderdale

Below - Why we use solid forged components and not casted!

forged versus casted awning components, Fort Lauderdale


Awning Fabrics

Most awning companies use the Sunbrella® Brand fabrics, but not the Premium Grade we use, and very few use our Tenara Thread that we “Guarantee for Life” against seam separation. Beware of lesser brands.

Sunbrella fabric is 100% mildew-resistant acrylic and with a Lifetime Guarantee from separating seams and 10 years against fading or fraying. It’s benefits: Our awnings can be rolled up wet without causing them to mildew, fade or leak.


And don’t forget our ‘sit at the edge and stay dry’ feature!

Enjoy your rollout awning in heavy rain. The Premier gutter system allows you sit under the entire awning without having water fall down from the edges. The water is channeled to the ends of the awning for your comfort.