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Why Retractable Screens Are A Great Outdoor Solution

Patios and decks are truly wonderful ways to enjoy the serenity of the outdoors. These additions serve as liaisons between the comfort of your home’s interior and nature’s beauty. Unfortunately, using these spaces also means dealing with unwanted insects, dust, and even nosy neighbors.

The Screen Solution

The best way to protect yourself from uninvited company or curiosity is by screening in your porch. The physical barrier keeps insects and pests at bay so you can enjoy your space in peace. This is especially important when you’re serving food, as bugs can contaminate the meal.

Unfortunately, many people feel as though screens disrupt the harmony between their homes and nature. Individuals often complain about patio and deck screens being too dark or intrusive, even though they’re quite easy to see through. This is in addition to complaints about ruining curb appeal, since the screens can be rather distracting. Until fairly recently, people have been forced to choose between being comfortable and having their deck or patio look good.


The Best of Both Worlds: MotionScreen

What if there was a product which offered the security of a screened-in deck or patio without any of the drawbacks? If you could enjoy insect protection but preserve your curb appeal, would you be interested?

MotionScreen is an innovative system that works to give you options. At the touch of a button you can fully retract or extend the screens around your deck or patio. Instead of settling for one configuration or the other, you can customize your deck to fit the weather, season, and even your mood.

How it Works

The MotionScreen System is designed to be efficient but discreet. The durable screens are hidden within sleek housing. There are seven stocked colors, including off-white, white, tan, black, champagne, brown, and bronze. We also offer custom painting options so you can find the perfect shade to minimize the presence of your screens. You can also choose from a variety of mesh textures and styles to offer the right coverage for your needs.

When you push the MotionScreen button, the screens will drop or retract accordingly. We custom design every system, too, so they’ll be precisely the right length no matter where you install them. Each screen is finished with a sleek, weighted bar across the bottom to keep them in place and prevent wrinkles or catches when retracting.

The Benefits of a Retractable Screen

It’s easy to say that MotionScreen is a good idea, but there are several benefits which come with retractable screens. If you choose to install one of our systems, you’ll enjoy:

  • Palm Beach motorized retractable screens on patioCooler temperatures, on demand. Using your MotionScreen will protect you from unwanted sunlight. In turn, you’ll enjoy lower temperatures on your patio or deck. This means you’ll be able to enjoy the space more, even in the heat of summer.
  • Protection from insects. This one is a given, but many people don’t realize how important it is to protect yourself from bugs. Mosquitoes can carry all sorts of diseases, and flies love to jump into food. With MotionScreen you can keep them out during spring and summer for more relaxing time outdoors.
  • Energy savings. Chances are your deck or patio is attached to several windows. With the MotionScreen deployed, less sunlight will enter your home, meaning indoor temperatures stay more consistent. Plus, we can install screens over your windows, themselves, potentially saving you hundreds of dollars each year.
  • Improved home value. MotionScreen retractable screens are often very popular with buyers since, of course, they offer all the benefits of a permanent screen with increased flexibility. If you have them installed, potential buyers will likely be very impressed, and in turn you could receive larger offers. A retractable screen could also boost your home’s value during an appraisal.
  • No sacrificing curb appeal. The MotionScreen housing is incredibly sleek, and as we mentioned before, it can be custom painted to match your home. Any time you’re not using your screen system, you can retract it and show off the full beauty of your deck or patio without harming your curb appeal.
  • More usable space. Aside from protecting you from bugs and offering comfortable shade, MotionScreens greatly increase your privacy. When you lower the screens you’ll instantly add a usable living area in almost every type of weather. Whatever the square footage of your deck or patio, it’ll become a comfortable extension of your home in no time.
  • Years of use. The MotionScreen system is designed to last. We use only the highest quality materials to ensure your setup will perform day-in and day-out without any headache for you. No matter the weather, you can count on our product.
  • Top-of-the-line automation. We want our screens to be as enjoyable as possible for you. Aside from the easy push-button controls, you can adjust the settings on your screens to work completely on their own.Our sun sensors allow you to set the light percentage when the covers drop automatically. This means you can keep your interior temperatures cooler, even when you’re not home.
  • Complete personalization. There isn’t a one-size-fits-all solution when it comes to homes, so why should all the screens look the same? At Universal Screens we pride ourselves on the level of customization we offer to our clients. Whether you want clear vinyl to create an additional room or a high-privacy screen, we’ll work with your needs to create the perfect plan for success.
  • Options for every room. We don’t just screen in decks and patios. Whether you’re looking for a complete set of window screens, a door covering, or even a way to temporarily transform your garage into another addition, we have you covered. Our team has the skills to make your dream come true.

There’s no reason to settle for imitations when MotionScreen offers so many incredible options and opportunities. When you’re ready to enjoy the best of both worlds and transform the look and efficiency of your home, give us a call. We have highly trained Dealers and Installers across the country and we can’t wait to help you build the system of your dreams.

Backyard Design Ideas For Your Home

Your Florida backyard can be more than just a patch of grass you mow often. Green space is always welcome, but it is no fun if all you can do most of the seasons is stare at it from afar. Functionality is equally significant as aesthetics for outdoor spaces.

You can add certain features to make your backyard a practical, livable space for you and your loved ones to enjoy. Here are creative things you can add to your enclosure and lawn.

Build a Pergola

Pergolas are the perfect relaxation spot and alternative for indoor spaces. You can fill it with comfortable outdoor furniture and fairy lights for day and nighttime activities with loved ones. You can never go wrong with a pergola in your backyard.

Pergolas cast enough shade enabling you to enjoy warm afternoons outside. You can always install a retractable shade to control the amount of light getting into the space. Pergolas also create the perfect focal point for your yard, breaking the monotony of grass and planters.

Palm Beach Outdoor Living

Install An Awning

Installing a retractable awning over your deck or patio will provide valuable shade, and protect you and your family from up to 98% of the sun’s harmful UV rays. Reducing direct sunlight with an awning can decrease the temperature on your deck or patio by up to 20°F, thereby protecting your family’s health and enhancing your enjoyment of the outdoors. Your pets will love the shade, too!

Install an Outdoor Fireplace

A fireplace extends your outdoor season, allowing you to enjoy the outdoors for months. They are also very flexible spaces with plenty of designs and aesthetics. You can have wooden or gas firepits or wooden or gas fireplaces. The best part about fireplaces is you do not need to worry about ventilation.

Fireplaces exude warmth and make your space inviting for friends and loved ones. You can have the hearth on your patio or build an exclusive area as your entertainment hub. Alternatively, you can maximize comfort by designing a shade around the fireplace and surrounding the space with comfy outdoor furniture and lighting.

Build an Open Air Room

The outdoor air room is a gazebo with a permeable roof that casts exhilarating shadows while providing ample shade. The structure rests on a raised deck. You can surround it with planters or a resting wall for an enclosure. Fill the space with outdoor furniture that can withstand the elements when the roof lets in a few raindrops.

Build a Tree House

A tree house is an excellent nature retreat. It is a perfect solution if you have kids, ample space in your backyard, and trees. The treehouse adds to your outdoor aesthetics. It is a feature that most people will not fail to spot. Furthermore, a tree house will encourage your children to play outside, enjoy the fresh air and engage in physical activity.

You can make it more captivating by making it themed, installing hanging lights, or having an exciting entrance. Let your kids be part of the design and building process for additional bonding time.

Backyard dining Fort Lauderdale, Palm Beach, FloridaSet Up a Dining Al Fresco

Al fresco dining should not be a feature for hotels or eateries. You can have it in your backyard. Set up a dining al fresco in the shade if you have a leveled backyard with trees. Make those dining moments memorable while you enjoy your meals in nature with the cool breeze.

You can also enjoy nighttime activities with low-light garden lights and tree-hanging lights or add a fireplace for warmth. A dining al fresco setup is also perfect near a lit pool area. The pool provides a captivating and serene background as you enjoy your meal with friends and loved ones.

Install Motorized Patio Screens and Awnings

The unpredictable weather patterns can put a damper on enjoying the outdoor space. While you cannot control the weather, you can make adjustments to make your outdoors habitable again.

One way to enjoy your pergola, gazebos, outdoor fireplace, and patio is by having screens and awnings. Motorized screens adjust depending on the weather, enabling you to control the amount of sunshine in your outdoor space. Most importantly, the screens do not interfere with the outdoor aesthetics and ambiance. You can maximize your outdoor space because of this element of control.

They also act as shields from the elements, allowing you to enjoy outdoor spaces for months. The motorized screen is a barrier to bugs and other pests encroaching on your outdoor space. There is no need for chemical control or destabilizing your lawn’s ecosystem.

patio at night with screens

Benefits of Retractable Awnings for the Treasure Coast

custom awning manufacturer FloridaYou want to spend an afternoon in the yard with your family, but the hot rays of the sun make this difficult. What are your options? Some Treasure Coast homeowners choose to build sunrooms. However, such a route puts up roadblocks when it comes to interacting with the outside world. What about retractable awnings? If you find yourself wondering about the benefits, the information below may prove to be helpful.


Awnings Provide Protection for Patio Furniture

When you invest in furniture for your patio, you expect it to last a long time. However, prolonged exposure to the sun leads to fading. For example, a red chair cushion may turn pink. Retractable awnings keep anything in your yard looking great. You don’t have to worry about replacing something mere months after purchasing it. It’s not necessary to put furniture in your garage or a storage facility for weeks at a time in an effort to protect them. Show off what you have with pride and enjoy the fact that your patio furniture is always there for you to relax.


Awnings Provide Increased Value for Your Home

If you wish to sell your home, retractable awnings are worth noting in the listing. Why? Potential buyers like to find things that make a home unique. They want a home that stands out from the crowd and makes them feel like they made a good investment. Increased outdoor living space benefits your buyers and allows you to get creative with staging. You can ask for a higher price for your property, thus giving you more to spend on your next home. When the time comes, talk to your real estate agent about your options. Don’t be afraid to think outside of the box.


Awnings Come In Many Colors

Retractable awnings give you more variety. If you have a favorite color or pattern, you can use it without hesitation. Do you want everything on your patio to match? Retractable awnings allow you to bring your theme together in an attractive package. Why not protect yourself from the harsh sun in style? In addition, you may get an automatic or manual retractable awning. The manual option requires turning a handle or crank. The automatic option uses a motorized system controlled through a remote or switch. When not in use, the awning rolls up into a cassette for protection purposes.

Whether you wish to have a party or simply enjoy nature with loved ones, retractable awnings are worth a look. An awning gives you the freedom to color match anything you wish. Installing one is a less expensive option for homes with tight budgets. Keep your family shielded from the heat with the turn of a crank or the push of a button. Contact Premier Rollout Awnings today for a free retractable awning estimate. Our team of outdoor shade experts will make you happy you did!

Florida Custom Awning Manufacturer

Do you need a shade system in an outside area of your home that is both attractive and flexible? Sometimes off the shelf solutions just don’t work and this is where custom design awnings come into their own.


Custom Awnings

custom front porch awning Fort LauderdaleCustom awnings are any type of awning that has been made to your specifications. They are a great solution as they will precisely fit the area for which they are intended, providing you with the exact amount of shelter and shade that you need.

The beauty of custom awnings is their flexibility. You can choose the material that the awning will be made out of and the pattern if applicable. You can choose if the awning will be manually operated or motorized. The frames are made out of high quality aluminum alloy low flex tubes in order to ensure that they stand up to the weather conditions outdoors. Some fabrics you can choose from include canvas, acrylic, PVC, and solar screen fabrics.


Choosing A Custom Awning Manufacturer

When looking for a custom awning professional, look for one that is willing to come out to your place to look at the area and give you an accurate measure and quote. The professional should be willing to listen to your ideas but to also interject their knowledge where necessary so that the two of you can come to a mutual agreement about the final design of the awning. Ask if the company or professional will install the awning as well as design it, or if they can recommend an installer to you. Finally, ask to look at their references and previous work and what kind of guarantees or warranties they offer on their work. Websites like Angies List or the Better Business Bureau should also be referenced.


Custom commercial awnings Fort Lauderdale

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